What are NFC tags?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless technology that allows the transfer of data such as a web address, text or numbers between two NFC devices. An NFC Tag is a small microchip containing a small amount of memory attached to an antenna/aerial which can store a small amount of information. This information can be transferred between two different NFC enabled phones/tablets.

Where do I buy NFC tags from?

We use RapidNFC as our NFC tag supplier. Visit their

How do I encode NFC tags?

Encoding can be done from an NFC enabled mobile phone. There are NFC writers in app stores for Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices. Encoding NFC tags is easy, and fast however for a large amount of tags, we recommend having the tag supplier to do the encoding.

Can I update the URL?

Yes you can update the URL without re-encoding the tags.

What type of data can I encode?

You can encode text, email addresses, phone numbers, URLs etc. The amount to store depends on the type of tag you are using.

What kind of reports can I get?

Our NFC tag reports include device types, tap locations, operating systems, and the type of engagement the user got involved in.

How do I make my tags secure?

To avoid unauthorised content changes to your tags, we recommend having them locked. Locking is a feature available on NFC tags that makes it possible to stop data alteration once the encoding has taken place.


What kind of data can I encode on QR Codes?

You can only encode URLs on this platform.

Can I update the URLs without re-printing the QR Codes?

Yes, as with the NFC tags, you can update the URLs without re-printing your QR codes

Can I use QR codes with NFC together?

Yes, you can use both together! To get the largest amount of people engaged with your campaign, we recommend doing both.
Our platform will provide reports for both channels.

What type of reports can I get?

Our QR code reports include device types, scan locations, operating systems, and the type of engagement the user got involved in.
If you use our tracking code on your mobile website, you can get more data such as time spent viewing your pages, the pages viewed, number of page views, and actions taken such as the number of times a button was clicked/tapped, and the number of times a form was submitted.